Beware Rave replicas are Blue fakes!!

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BEWARE TO ALL!!!!Rave relicas are the former website, that has been posted on this site many times, also knowm as Blue Fakes!!

Do not buy anything from these guys you will get ripped off, they are total scam artist. They were just taken to court and sued buy a bunch of the major watch makers.

Plus they screw people out of their money! Flood their site with fake orders!

These guys are out to take your money and when you order COD they give you a totally differnet name to write on the check that you give them!

Do not do buisness here!!!Buyer Beware!!!

Review about: Replica Rolex.



thanks ,ver helpful



New York hustlers don't sell anything Swiss and wouldn't know what Swiss was if it smacked them in the face. These guys are total scam artists who need their silly NY *** beat down! They go by phony names with multiple addresses. They seem to answer the phones at odd hours of the night to take orders. Claim that you will get what is described in the photos on their website.

Ordered a Submariner date and was promised tags, papers and real box yet was delivered less than a Chinese knock-off instead with a box that looked as though it was made by a 10 year old. No tags, no paperwork, no box and complete ***!

Called them to blast them and they kept hanging up while making vulgar comments to me. A little GPS tracking and send some phished emails to them and I bet we could locate these punks and deliver some much deserved punishment.

F*****g thieves!


SAme happened to me with RAVEREPLICAS.COM DO NOT BUY, I lost $2500.00 Same scam scheme as others.They send you a fake unworking watch and then they do not answer the call, or emails.

I sent back the watch they sent and ut was returnes back bacause the returning address did not exist.BE AWARE!!!


glad i found this site was going to be taken on tuesday didnt make sense wouldnt take ccard $495 saved. thankyou!!


Guys this happend to my husband, all the same, the question is what are we going to do about it???

This will keep happening to other people, and we a allowing them to get richer and richer ! That is why is more and more scams there, people dont do anything !

I am going to court today file a civil suit.

Any body is welcome to contact me about this matter, we can all do some thing about it, the more people the more change we got.


This is good to know. So where can one go to buy?


replicas2you, rave replica, bling mall, avain watch, fine luxory time SAME PEOPLE same scam same company. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!!


I am embarrased to say I also got scammed by Rave Replica's. They told me they needed a post office money order uppon delivery and when I opened the product it was not what was promised! They don't return calls or emails after the scam!


I got taken by them too for $495. They sent me a used watch not even close to the one I ordered I could pick up for $25.


Total scam. wont return emails or calls!

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